TRAIN Sports Day

Sports day isn’t just for kids…



A day designed to bring the whole community together with fun, fitness and food, all taking place at our gym based in the heart of Sandbach!

We invited all members, friends and family to join us for a day not to be missed. With five events taking place throughout the day, everyone arrived excited and curious to find out the events and the exercises they’d be taking on. After revealing our four teams (named after our famous gym doggos, Coco, Dudley, Fudge and Button), the race was on to be crowned TRAIN Sports Day champions!


Event 1: Slow & Steady

Our first event was a twist on the classic…the egg and spoon race.

Only our members had some obstacles to master on their route, including three pirouettes around cones, and weaving their way around the rig, before a race to the finish line, releasing their next team member. The fastest time would win first place and five points for their team.


Event 2: Criss-Cross

You’ve all heard of noughts and crosses before right?! But maybe not quite like this…

The second event of the day brought out the more competitive side of our members with a TRAIN favourite often used as a warm up game for our classes. A simple game of noughts and crosses turned into a mini tournament. The first team member needed to be quick off the start line to grab their colour plate and get the first spot on the grid before running back to tag in the next person. Teams had to get three plates in a row to win a game, and if they came out on top after 3 games, they secured a place in the final and the chance to claim victory on event 2.


What are you waiting for?

Event 3: Cardi-oh-no!

In a shock twist, event 3 was a more traditional gym workout, consisting of three exercises, testing which team had the best cardio capacity (the clue was in the name really!).

In 15 minutes, teams had to get the highest amount of reps possible (AMRAP) with only three team members working at once: one on a rower, one on a ski-erg, and one performing dreaded burpees! During this event our members completed 1150 burpees and burnt 1936 calories on the cardio machines.


Event 4: Push

Here a HIIT class favourite appeared…the prowler. But you either love this exercise, or hate it!

Not only that, but could your team keep it moving for 15 minutes, whilst finding your 5 rep max shoulder to overhead. Testing strength, skill, endurance and tactics, as teams picked their own prowler weights and plotted a way to win. Scores were calculated by your prowler distance in lengths, times by reps, and added to the total weight your team lifted overhead. During this event the prowler was pushed 420 lengths, a distance of 10250 feet and 1813 kilograms was lifted overhead!

Event 5: The TRAIN Relay

The final event, and a mixture of movements to challenge members in the form of a relay race.

One at a time members had to climb over our 48 inch wall before crawling under the cargo net, and edging closer to the skipping skill section. Here members had a choice: 30 single unders, 20 crossovers, or 10 double unders. Once complete, they had to pick a sandbag and carry it over the finish line so their next team member could start. The fastest team to get all the sandbags (a total of 505kg) would end of a high, with the last event win of the day.


The After-Party

Following an amazing day of exercise, we welcomed everyone back to the gym later that evening for a get together trading burpees for burgers.

A TRAIN barbecue with food, drinks, and games allowing everyone to socialise and reflect on a fantastic and eventful day. And not forgetting the winners ceremony, where we showcased some action shots from the day and revealed the final leaderboards, and the winning team…

…Team Button, with team captain Rachael, were our TRAIN Sports Day 2023 Champions! They claimed their prize along with bragging rights over the rest of the gym (and Sandbach!), until next year at least!