The TRAIN Games 2023

Our very own in-house, fun, friendly, fitness competition based at TRAIN Fitness Studio in Sandbach! Designed to bring everyone together to push your limits, develop your teamwork skills, and enjoy exercise!

This years competition was teams of 4, and this time we asked members to provide their team names! We had ‘Dancing Cleans’, ‘AMRAP (as much rest as possible)’, ‘Mobility Scooters’, ‘Prowler Mary’, and ‘Team SODA’. With the teams decided, it was on to the workouts…


Event 1: To me, to you

Our first event required teams to split in to twos and your scores were combined at the end. Each team had one 9kg and one 6kg wall ball, one 10kg, two 15kg and one 22.5kg dumbbell.


50 ‘to me, to you’ wall balls

40 Alternating DB Snatch

30 ‘to me, to you’ wall ball sit ups

20 Alternating Overhead DB Lunges

10 Burpees


Event 2: No one likes a show off

A relay style event where you took it in turns to complete the ‘obstacle course’ and then tag in the next team member. The fastest team time would win…

1 Up, over, and under

1 Rope Climb (or 2 rope pull-ups from floor)

15 Toes to Bar (or 30 knee raises)

50 Double Unders (or 100 single under)

15 Toes to Bar (or 30 knee raises)

1 Rope Climb (or 2 rope pull-ups from floor)

1 Under, up and over

We made sure this every was suitable for everyone by including scaling options within the workout. Plus there was a time penalty if you knocked the bar off when you went under the first and last obstacle!


Event 3: Six rep max

A lot of peoples favourite part…the strength event! This was a combined six rep max.

2 team members find a 2 rep max touch and go clean

2 team members find a 1 length max sled drag

The highest weights on the day was a 90kg clean for Kyle and a 67.5kg clean for Amber, meanwhile the heaviest sled drag belonged to David at 235kg!


Event 4: Hold on

The final event and one where teamwork was needed and the tactics came out! Each team had a 60kg sandbag and 15kg plate for men and a 40kg sandbag and a 10kg plate for women.

15minute AMRAP

Cash in: team 400m run

Max Cal Ski erg* (*one team member must be holding sandbag in bearhug position)

Max Cal Row** (**one team member must be holding plate in overhead position)


The Results

After all the scores were in, it was time for the results and to see which team would win the money can’t buy TRAIN Games t-shirts!

1st Team SODA

=2nd Prowler Mary

=2nd Mobility Scooters


5th Dancing Cleans


Another amazing day of fitness in Sandbach with team TRAIN complete. What will The TRAIN Games bring next year?