The Open 2023

This year we had just over 30 people taking part in The CrossFit Open. Both coaches and members alike took this as an opportunity to push themselves and find out where their strength and fitness levels were currently at.

The atmosphere on the Saturdays for each event was incredible with everyone helping to motivate each other to push past their individual limits.

In 23.1 we had over 10 members achieve their first ever T2B!

In 23.2 several members achieved their first burpee pullups including Charlotte who was aiming for just one…she got thirty!

 In 23.3, Sophie amongst others, achieved her first RX wall walks!

For our coaches, this was Dan and Eden’s first Open and both of them achieved PB’s and achieved more than they thought they would. Luke finished in the top 15% in the UK and Europe, making it his best open yet. But John secured a top 10% finish in Europe meaning he qualified for the quarterfinals!

New PB’s and benchmarks all set, time to work on areas of improvement ready for retesting!