Most Improved Beginner 2022


Last year at our Christmas party, we decided to give out some awards that recognised everyone’s hard work. 

Eleni has made great progress joining us and won our “most improved beginner 2022” award. 

So in case you’re still on the fence about starting your own fitness journey, and need a bit of motivation, here’s Eleni’s in her own words:

“I first heard about Train Fitness Studio in May 2022 after my fiance met one of the physiotherapists, Laura Gray, through swimming. I had been wanting to join a gym for a little while because I wanted to start building up my strength and overall fitness levels. I had been into running during COVID, but I had fallen into a bit of an exercise funk and I had also been finding climbing less fun than I used to. 

I was really nervous about joing a gym, I had been to another gym but I didn’t like the atmosphere there. It had been really busy and crowded and I wasn’t sure what to focus on, or if my technique was any good, which made me feel uncomfortable. 

David told me about the beginners classes that Train run, and he arranged for us to be shown around the gym by Dan before we started the classes in June. I was still a bit nervous before the first class started, but the coaches put us at ease and helped us learn the correct form for each exercise that we did. I sometimes struggled with learning new movements, particularly if there were a lot of steps involved, but the coaches were alway really helpful in breaking the movements down into smaller chunks, or showing me a modified version instead. 

We completed the whole of the June beginners course, and I was still feeling a bit nervous about joining the larger classes so we asked if we could do the beginners classes again. The Train team were very helpful in allowing us to do the beginners classes twice, we did the first two weeks of July and then went on holiday for two weeks. 

When we came back to the gym after our holiday, David wanted to sign up to the main classes. I was a bit unsure because the main classes looked busy, but I signed up as well and have really enjoyed them. To start with we signed up to two HIIT classes and one Strength class a week. As I became a bit more confident in my ability and my technique, we have signed up to more classes, I have started doing the WOD and gymnastics classes, and even though I still get a bit nervous about learning new things, I know that Dan, Luke, Eden and John are always happy to help me modify or break down movements to help me progress.

The atmosphere at Train is alway happy and helpful, the other gym members will always help you if you feel like you are struggling with an activity or if you are unsure of what the schedule is. I’ve particularly enjoyed the partner HIIT sessions, it’s been fun being partnered up with people I’ve not met before and it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Over the last eight months, I have gone from not being confident in my ability to knowing that I’m stronger than I think. I never thought that I would be interested in going to the gym, but the team and community at Train have changed my mind. I have been sticking to my gym schedule more than I expected, I was worried that I might not always want to go, but even on bad days, going to the classes at Train has been good for me physically and mentally. 

I have seen so many improvements in my day to day life since joining Train, most notably I have found my joy for climbing again. I had taken a few falls before COVID prevented me from going to climbing centres, and since having a desk job, I had found climbing harder than I used to as I no longer as active as I had been. But since starting Strength classes at Train, I’ve gotten stronger and now knowing this, I have more confidence whilst climbing. I now trust myself more than I used to, so I’ve been able to push myself on the routes and have felt more like my old self. I now see climbing as a game I get to play, instead of a chore to just get stronger through climbing. I know that I wouldn’t have found this if I hadn’t joined Train.

I have also been persuaded to join the CrossFit Open competition that starts in a couple of weeks. David is a very competitive person, but I’m the opposite. Luke explained to me that I don’t need to see it as a competition with other people and that the Open can be a good way to benchmark my progress. I’m now looking forward to trying my best, and whilst I’m nervous about it, I know that the Train coaches and all of the other members will support me.”

Well done Eleni!


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