Mike’s Deadlift

When I joined Train a few years ago, my main aim was just to stay in shape and maintain some level of fitness.

I picked up quite a serious back injury a couple of years prior to this doing a deadlift with poor technique. Having gone through pain clinics and various other treatments including injections in my spine for the pain, the only thing that really helped was to keep moving and exercise helped.

I started out doing the HIIT classes, and then it was suggested that I move into the WOD classes as there are more specific warm ups in each class as well as training around weight lifting and gymnastics technique which I felt would suit my condition better.

One of my favourite movements has always been the deadlift, but I have always been really nervous about going back to them due to fear of making my injury worse. But through careful PT sessions and coaching during the WOD classes I was able to slowly build my confidence.

This year I was persuaded to take part in the CrossFit Open which, guess what, included deadlifts! When I saw the weight that had been defined for the workout they were higher than I had lifted for several years. The coaches at Train assured me that it was achievable and to focus on technique, even if it is just to be able to do one rep.

It turns out I could do a lot more and I was amazed to have reached a deadlift PB which is something I never thought I would achieve again.

With this confidence I then added another 30kg to my PB in the following months.

It’s safe to say that my journey at Train has changed my life. My back issues are much more manageable and I feel that anything is possible now.