Members’ comps 2023

From training in Sandbach to competing at the Etihad! Here you can read a little bit about our members journeys to various competitions throughout the year, everything from scaled events to elite!

In January, six of our gym members took on their first competition at M Squared Fitness. Amber, Libby, Kirtsty, Tilly, Adam and Russ all competed in the pairs scaled division, finishing 10th, 13th, and 17th.

In July we returned to M Squared Fitness as we had coach Eden and Olivia taking on their first competition, alongside Kirsty and Tilly who competed again and finished 4th in the final of the scaled division!

In August, Libby and Amber took on ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in Manchester. A competition designed to celebrate your body and raise money and awareness for people with eating disorders and body image issues. They took on 4 partner workouts throughout the day, from 80 handstand push ups to 52 calories on the echo bike (and a lot more in-between!), finishing 10th in the intermediate division.

In September, four members, Jack, Kyle, Adam and Russ took on ATHX North where their combined 10rep max back squats was ¬†440kg. Plus within this competion on the 1 rep max shoulder to overhead, two of them achieved a PB and the other two equalled their PB’s!

In November, we visited the Etihad for The Rainhill Trials, where four members competed in the RX division, including Libby who made it to the final and finished 10th!