Kirsty & Lewis’ Weight Loss

Mr & Mrs Smith – 29.10.22

 Lewis & I started our weightloss journey back in August 2021. When we get asked what was our motivation I suppose we have a few reasons.

The main reason started with myself in July 2021 I was 14 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy did not continue. Already a mother of two and from a young age only wanting to be a mum I found my anxiety beginning to spiral. The first two weeks were the worst, I did not care for anything or anyone and could feel myself falling into a dark hole. As I sat and watched my two children play I thought I can’t allow for the depression to sink in and consume me. I wanted to find something in which was just for me. I googled gyms and a friend recommended TRAIN.

When I went to TRAIN, I did my first HIIT class and signed up the gym straight away. I didn’t actually think I would stick at this. I started going and soon realised that my mental health was feeling so much better. I then didn’t want to stop going because I knew if I did I might go back to feeling depressed.

I asked for a Personal Trainer and was recommended Dan. When Dan asked me my goals I thought an amazing target is my wedding. Lewis & I get married 29.10.22 and I want to feel amazing on my wedding day. I soon started with Dan doing 2 PT sessions a week and 3 classes.

Dan recommended we calorie count, I had never heard of calorie counting but I fell in love with it because I could eat anything I wanted but within my calories and could see myself losing weight.

Dan was so good with myself, answering any message straight away. I started to open up to Dan about the baby and the anxieties and Dan helped by pushing me in the gym and always being so positive. Dan also gave me short goals to focus on, so it was achievable which then pushed me for more.

With calorie counting this meant Lewis was starting to notice the difference and we would both count our food. Lewis made a target for himself to be 100kg by the wedding at this point he was 140kg.

Both losing weight, I went to try my first wedding dress and it didn’t fit me at all, I had gone from a size 18 to a 12. They could not do the alterations. I had to buy another…

Once January came, Lewis joined the beginners classes. Lewis loved this because it was a small class and it was focusing on getting you ready for the main classes. Lewis was shown how to do all the movements correctly and his confidence grew. As Lewis started to lose weight I could see a change in him, more energy, happier and more confident, his excitement for the wedding grew.

Also in the new year I had started going to WOD sessions, they are just amazing… Luke is so knowledge but the most friendly person and no question is an issue, you can see how passionate he is and it really is infectious. Alongside WOD is John who I could listen to all day, he really knows his stuff and you can see is someone who loves to teach but also see people achieve. We both continued to workout at TRAIN and both loving our sessions and the people who go.

Once September came I went to try on my second wedding dress and it didn’t fit! I had lost some more weight but focused my diet more on protein to build strength and my body had changed more than what I thought. The woman said to me “why don’t you stop going to the gym”….

I said to her it wasn’t about my looks, it was for my mental health. I hadn’t realised it helped me with grief but also my everyday anxiety in which I previously I had been on heart tablets for and counselling sessions, I hadn’t done any of those since joining TRAIN. I politely said to the lady, I will continue the gym journey and get a new dress.

So 8 weeks before the wedding, I went dress shopping and found the perfect one. I made sure it was a tight fit!

Lewis had lost 40kg by our wedding!

I had lost 20kg!

Not only did we lose weight, I have joined a competition with Tilly from TRAIN in January which other members are also doing. I have been accepted into the London marathon and have also signed up for tough mudder. Never did I see this happening when I first joined but it’s amazing what a great gym can do for you!

It’s also given me a passion to set up my own instagram and begin training to become a fitness instructor.

Lastly the gym has positively impacted family life, with our children seeing how positive exercise can be, we have more energy to run around and play with them! Autumn also loved Art Fit with Hannah in the summer!

Lewis & I had the most beautiful wedding day, we loved having some of our TRAIN team with us. We can’t thank Dan & Luke enough for everything.