With a whole host of classes available, find your perfect workout below!



A circuit style class that uses different intervals of work and rest. Every class uses a unique mixture of bodyweight, weighted and cardio based exercises that help you burn maximum calories and push your fitness levels. We tailor each exercise and class so they’re all suitable for all abilities.


Are you looking to take on the the HYROX challenge…or just improve your endurance? Then you need to try our classes!

HYROX is a global fitness race for everybody. It’s a fitness race that consists of running and functional movements that are accessible to all.

This class is structured to help you master the unique blend of endurance, strength, and functional fitness required to conquer the competition. Each session is packed with a combination of exercises mimicking the event’s nine movements, helping you improve your running endurance, increase your functional strength, and perfect techniques for wall balls, sled pushes, and more.

Whether you want more variety to your usual workouts or you want to train to take on the event itself, this class has got you covered.



Never lifted free weights before? Want some expert coaching to improve your form? Or do you just want to push yourself and lift heavier? This is the class for you! Focused entirely on how to build your strength, safely and with good technique, our Strength class will develop your muscles from head to toe and get you stronger. Simple!


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Learn new skills, make your movement more efficient and push your fitness to the next level. Using a unique blend of constantly varied olympic lifting, gymnastic and cardio exercises, WOD will always surprise you and keep you progressing. With scaled options for every exercise and level, you’ll always get a great workout no matter your ability. 



Looking to shape up, let off some steam, and learn new skills all at the same time? Our Box-it class is the perfect fit! This high-intensity interval training (HIIT) style class integrates boxing techniques with rapid-fire exercises, guaranteed to burn calories, boost cardio fitness, and leave you feeling powerful and energized. Punch and jab your way through stress while shedding pounds and improving strength and coordination.


Groove your way to fitness! More than just a workout, DanceFit combines the energy and excitement of dance with the power and stamina of physical fitness. You’ll learn dynamic dance routines designed to get your heart racing and your body moving. Each class is filled with unique dance steps from various genres, providing a fun and exhilarating full-body workout. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or have two left feet, DanceFit welcomes all skill levels, tailoring each move to ensure everyone is challenged yet able to follow along.


Functional Fitness

Move better everyday. This class focuses on using equipment that mimics challenges you might typically face outside of the gym. Lots of shopping to carry? No problem when you’ve mastered our kettlebells! Dog or kid in need of picking up? Practice with our D-balls. Also including sandbags, tyres and ropes, after this class there are no obstacles you won’t be able to physically solve.

Olympic Weightlifting

This class will usually include some exercises to help improve specific parts of your lifting movement before testing what you’ve learnt on the lifts themselves. This class is programmed in 6-8 week blocks to help you progress, and is suitable for all abilities…although we would recommend you begin at the start of the block if possible.



Where fitness meets finesse! Designed to help you unlock your body’s full potential by exploring the fundamentals of gymnastics. It’s about more than just somersaults and cartwheels; this class helps you develop crucial skills like balance, coordination, and body awareness. Each session takes you through a variety of exercises to improve strength, flexibility, and agility, all while fostering a deeper understanding of body movement. Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics, or an advanced athlete seeking to refine your skills, our class is tailored to meet you at your current ability.


A strong core is the foundation that lets your body move well, not only when exercising, but throughout your everyday life. Injury proof your body, tone up your abs and lift more with our Core class.



Discover the yin to your workout yang with our Recovery class. These classes focus on stretching, mobility exercises, and injury prevention techniques to promote optimal body function. Our coaches guide you through a series of movements designed to enhance flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, and increase range of motion. The class also features targeted exercises that help bolster your body’s resilience and minimize the risk of injuries, ensuring that you can keep moving, lifting, and living at your best. Our Recovery class isn’t just about rest – it’s about building a stronger, more resilient you.


TRAIN Teen’s: Building Foundations For a Healthier Future

A class where teens aged 12-16 can build more than just muscle. Our class is designed to help your teen build self-esteem, resilience, relationships, focus, and fitness.

Fitness that’s fun! We focus on making fitness enjoyable, ensuring teens stay motivated and engaged, through a variety of functional exercises and teamwork activities!