Beth’s Weight Loss

“To be honest I was definitely in a rut before I joined TRAIN. I’d go to the gym and lift weights, burn 140 calories at most, then go home and loosely track calories and wonder why I wasn’t losing weight. I had a bit of a shock when I did a bodymap measurement and found out my metabolic age was 43! I know they’re not the most accurate machines but still.. 43!

The first class I did was a shock to my system and I found it tough, but I burned 560 calories, which for me was unheard of. The intensity of the classes and how supportive everyone at TRAIN is, has really helped me stay on track, not only with my consistency in coming to the gym, but also with the nutrition side of things. I’ve calorie counted, whilst still enjoying nice foods and treats, but I feel like it’s meant the weight loss is more sustainable.”

 “I absolutely love coming to TRAIN, thank you so much!”

Since joining us, Beth has also gained confidence, having previously preferred to keep a jumper on no matter what the weather or workout, she’s now ditched the hoodie and is feeling much better within herself, and enjoying her consistency in training.

One year between these photos, but the same vest! Beth has now lost 18lbs and is fitter and stronger than ever!

Now training for the upcoming Sandbach 10k, she ran 22 minutes continuously this week in her 10k training, which shows how her fitness levels have developed. 

Another little win, showing Beth’s increase in strength, was highlighted on holiday when she realised she didn’t have to swim to the steps to get out the pool because she can push herself up now which she’s never been able to do before!

Following the Sandbach 10k, Beth has set the challenge of training for her first Hyrax competition in January with her partner Jess, with the help of one of our personal trainers, Eden. 

Well done Beth and good luck on your upcoming events!



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